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HM Dunn Aerosystems Welder in Wichita, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/jobs/12761603 ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

Welds or tack welds parts together using TIG or MIG welding equipment.

Guides and directs flam or electrodes on or across work piece to straighten, bend, melt, or build up metal.

Fuses parts together, seals tension pints, and adds metal to build up parts.

Connects hoses from torch to tanks of oxygen and fuel gas, and turns valves to release mixture.

Ignites torch and regulates flow of gas and air to obtain desired temperature, size and color of flame.

Dismantles metal assemblies or cuts scrap metal, using thermal-cutting equipment such as flame-cutting torch or plasma-arc equipment.

Inspects work pieces for defects.

Maintains clean work area.

Performs other duties as assigned.