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Kansas Employer Traveling Superintendent in Wichita, Kansas

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About the Role

The position isresponsible forall activities at the construction site, includingproviding a safe and productive workenvironment, maintaining schedules, and ensuring projects stays withinbudgetary limits set forth by the estimate.

Candidates must have verifiable work experience as a superintendent, with additional construction experience required. Must understand schedules and be able to complete projects on time and on budget by tracking variances and cost projections. Superintendents must have a proven track record supervising and coordinating all personnel including subcontractors and materials to prevent delays. Candidate selected must be highly motivated. Bachelors Degree in construction management or equivalent required.Drug screen, physical and criminal background check is required of successful candidates.


Organizes, coordinates, and supervises the workof the assistant superintendent, field engineers, craft employees,andall subcontractors on constructionprojects. Acts as an adviserto the owner,design team,and all tradesmen associated with the project.

Determineswork priorities, and coordinates workactivities withall necessary parties toensure that the project remains efficient andon schedule.

Oversees the termsand conditions of construction contracts.

Apportionswork among employeesand subcontractors according toproject needs and coordinateswork so thatit maintains a smooth flow among the various trades.

Introduces new trades to theprojects as the project requires them and collaborates with management of the varioustrades to ensure the work is carried out in a manner consistent with theproject plans and specifications.

Provides a safe workenvironment through creating a culture of safety for the projectand holding each individualonthe project accountable for safebehavior.Regularlyholds safety meetings and makes sure that the companys safetypolicies arebeing enforced.

Works as a liaison to theownerand coordinates plans and constructionactivities with theowner.

Sources material suppliers for consumables required to construct theproject and estimates materials required for specific jobs. Orders materialsand coordinates deliveries of materials to coincide with constructionprogress. Ensures that the materials for construction areon the project siteas theyare requiredand are stored in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. Coordinates materials staging areas between the various tradesand monitors material deliveries.

Maintainsinventoryand control over the projects tools, materials,equipment, and security.

Writes and maintains a project\'s daily record in detail through daily reports. Communicates those reports to the officeon a daily basis.

Holds, at minimum, weekly coordination meetingsbetween all subcontractorswho are currently on siteand any that will be on sitein the near future. Coordinates work flows, safety, environmental concerns, manpower requirements, materials requirements and overall schedule through these meetings.

Is responsible for theoverall project schedule.Writes and maintains short terminterval schedules for the use and review of all trades on theproject. Included areall phases of workthat are currentand applicable. Maintains overall project schedule through implementationof the short term interval schedule.

Is responsible forquality control on theproject: holds allworks accountable foradherence to the project plans and specifications.Holdspre-installations meetings to review installation procedures for all major materialsused and has a thoroughunderstanding of theproject specifications andindustry standards for installation ofall materials to be used. Pre-installationmeetings include manufacturers representatives, required design team members,affected subcontractors,and if necessary the owners representative. Assures that thework adheres to the projectplans, specifications, codes, andother governmental agenciesrequirements.Coordinatesinspections and insures that testing is being performed per the contractdocuments.

Maintains project budget through management of all labor associated with the project.Tracks and monitors the labor forcefor productivity.

Manages companyand rental equipment for maximum productivity and minimum cost.

Keeps accurate record of time for employees, accurately codes the time to the tasks completed and reports time to the officein a timely manner.

Coordinates and facilitates the closeoutof the project. Is re