Donatech Supply Chain Procurement in Wichita, Kansas

Supply Chain Procurement


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Location: Wichita, Kansas

Description :Conducts, manages and maintains synchronization of a supply chain for obtaining goods and services for the company. Interfaces with internal and external customers and suppliers. Performs part or all of the following - Acts as an authorized agent of the company with responsibility for managing all supplier-related activities and authority to commit company resources through contracts and agreements. - Develops requests for quotations and proposals, analyzes supplier responses, negotiates and awards contracts, and manages post award supplier activities. Interfaces with internal and external customers and suppliers. - Manages inventory levels, simulation, modeling forecasting data, and supplier performance. Monitors customer inventory demand and material assets to optimize total supply chain planning. Incorporates planning decisions from customers and suppliers to reduce material and product variability, and arrive at optimal solutions.


  • Strong Excel Skills

  • Strong SAP Skills

  • Candidates will need STRONG data analytics skills

  • Assertive Problem Solver

  • Strong Aerospace experience