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Kansas Employer Form/Rough Carpenter-Commercial & Heavy Civil in Wichita, Kansas

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Job Title: Form/Rough Carpenter-Commercial & Heavy Civil

ACarpenterperforms any of the following duties on construction projects and will sometimes transfer from one job to another where labor demands are required. In addition, carpenters are asked to spend a significant amount of time working in a laborer capacity as well.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Construct formwork into which concrete is poured
  • Set an outline of the structure on the ground of the site using string and pegs to allow for excavations
  • Have good working knowledge of OSHA regulations
  • Erect decks/floors and walls/retaining walls, to included roadways, bridges, heavy highway and/or commercial building projects.
  • Read plans and specifications to determine materials required, dimensions, and installation processes
  • Cut materials with hand and power tools, assemble and nail, cut and shape items
  • Will assist other workers in various labor-based tasks. This will require lifting (heavy at times)
  • Working at significant heights
  • Must have knowledge of all hand tools and how to operate them efficiently
  • Other misc. duties as directed by your supervisor
  • Know Company safety policies and adhere to them while working at all times

Physical Requirements:

  1. N = Never (Never)
  2. O = Occasionally (0-33%)
  3. F = Frequently (33%-66%)
  4. C = Constantly (66%-100%)
  • Climbing: F
  • Balancing: O
  • Stooping: F
  • Kneeling: F
  • Sitting: N
  • Crouching: F
  • Crawling: O
  • Reaching: C
  • Gripping: C
  • Lifting: C

Lifting Requirements (In Pounds):

  • 0-25: C
  • 25-75: F
  • 75+:0

{=html} <!-- --> - Exposure to Weather: C - Exposure to Fumes: O - Use of Hand Tools: C - Use of Vibratory Tools: F - Working above ground: F - Working overhead: F - Time spent on your feet: C

{=html} <!-- --> - Work Boots, Safety Glasses, and a hard hat are required at all times