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Kansas Employer Finish/Trim Carpenter in Wichita, Kansas

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Job Title:Finish/Trim Carpenter

A Finish/TrimCarpenter performs any of the following duties on construction projects, by transferring from one job to another where labor demands are required. In addition, carpenters are asked to spend a significant amount of time working in a laborer capacity as well.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Read plans and specifications to determine materials required, dimensions, and installation processes
  • Erect floors and wall frameworks (timber, metal, etc.), erect roofs, erect suspended ceilings
  • Install windows, doors, and cabinetry
  • Install fixtures and hardware
  • Cut materials with hand and power tools, assemble and nail, cut and shape items
  • Construct formwork into which concrete is poured
  • Set an outline of the structure on the ground of the site using string and pegs to allow for excavations
  • Have good working knowledge of OSHA regulations
  • Will assist other workers in various labor-based tasks. This will require lifting (heavy at times)
  • Working at significant heights
  • Must have knowledge of all hand tools and how to operate them efficiently
  • Other misc. duties as directed by your supervisor
  • Know Company safety policies and adhere to them while working at all times

Physical Requirements:

  1. N = Never (Never)
  2. O = Occasionally (0-33%)
  3. F = Frequently (33%-66%)
  4. C = Constantly (66%-100%)
  • Climbing: F
  • Balancing: O
  • Stooping: F
  • Kneeling: F
  • Sitting: N
  • Crouching: F
  • Crawling: O
  • Reaching: C
  • Gripping: C
  • Lifting: C

Lifting Requirements (In Pounds):

  • 0-25: C
  • 25-75: F
  • 75+:0

{=html} <!-- --> - Exposure to Weather: C - Exposure to Fumes: O - Use of Hand Tools: C - Use of Vibratory Tools: F - Working above ground: F - Working overhead: F - Time spent on your feet: C

{=html} <!-- --> - Work Boots, Safety Glasses, and a hard hat are required at all times