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Kansas Employer Division Supervisor (Backflow Administrator) in Wichita, Kansas

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This position is responsible for managing the City’s Cross Connection and Backflow program. Work performed is highly technical and supervisory. The goal of the program is to protect the public water distribution system from possible contamination by reverse flow conditions and backflow device failures. Employee works independently to meet the program goals. The work is reviewed periodically by reporting of compliance rate for all categories of the program. The program shall be in compliance with all City codes and KDHE requirements. Work is directed and reviewed regularly through the establishment of attainable goals, evaluation of compliance rates for testing and reporting, and progress made towards accomplishing program goals.

Examples of Work Performed

+ Plans, executes, and monitors closely the different types of approved backflow devices installed by the water end user at their facility for various applications; ensures devices are in compliance per City codes and KDHE requirements.

+ Follows up and communicates with customers who are delinquent in testing and reporting test results for their devices. Corresponds with delinquent device owners on the corrective actions that need to be taken to be in compliance.

+ Makes visits to customers premise to identify any potential cross connection hazards; communicates with device owners, installers, and provide technical advice to resolve any identified hazardous connection(s) to City water.

+ Follows up promptly and investigates on reported direct connection(s) to the City water system with an unapproved water source. Provides a written report to the water customer on the corrective action(s) that need to be taken along with a time stipulation.

+ Investigates all illegal connections to City fire hydrants and pursue enforcement.

+ Works closely with City engineering staff and installers to review and comment on the plumbing layout drawings and blueprints for mechanical contractor’s backflow device installations and other improvements.

+ Works closely with MABCD, plumbing board, and trade groups for code reviews and updates.

+ Reviews and approves plans for construction of facilities which require safeguards for environmental protection.

+ Performs inspections of water tanks used by bulk water haulers to verify provision of the code required airgap on the fill line.

+ Performs inspections on new installations; meet with device owners to ensure code compliance, provision of adequate access for annual testing and maintenance of the device(s).

+ May supervise activities of other employees.

+ Provides public education about assigned programs to individuals, businesses and a variety of groups.

+ Conducts field surveys by meeting with owners and operators of business, manufacturing facilities, and factory operators to ensure connections made to the City water system do not pose and or create any hazardous, health, or safety risk to the City public water system.

+ These examples are not intended to be all-inclusive.

+ Other related duties may be assigned as needed.

Requirements of Work

+ Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of ABPA accepted standards for the installation, operation, annual testing, and maintenance of the various types of backflow devices installed to protect the City water distribution system.

+ Responds to inquiries from businesses, mechanical contractors, residents, and backflow device installers/testers pertaining to type of backflow device required for the particular application and any identified issues that need to be resolved.

+ Communicates with and enlists assistance from City staff, the Fire Department, and MABCD to resolve issues identified in the field. Work closely with businesses and property owners to resolve the issues identified.

+ Plans, schedules, and makes visits to inspect newly installed backflow device(s) for verification for proper installation of the device and for future testing and maintenance.

+ Plans, schedules, and inspects customer premise to review potential City water service connection risks. Communicate corrective action(s) to be taken by customer and sets stipulations and time for compliance.

+ Manages and utilizes City’s Customer Information System to ensure the various devices are tested and are compliant per City code and KDHE.

+ Communicates effectively with noncompliant device owners to ensure the backflow devices connected to the City water system are tested and are in compliance.

+ Climb, walk, stand for long periods, stoop, bend for long periods, and be exposed to hazardous environments.

+ Perform confined space entry using the right PPE and air monitoring test apparatus to check devices installed in vaults.

+ Possess a good working knowledge of domestic and industrial fire protection, plumbing systems, industrial cooling and heating systems, and lawn irrigation systems.

+ Knowledge of applicable rules, regulations, and codes governing plumbing installation to City’s water distribution system.<