Harlow Aerostructures LLC CNC Mills Operator - All Shifts in Wichita, Kansas

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CNC Mills Operator

Job Code: 2018-3-001

FT/PT Status: Full Time

Purpose: A CNC Mills Operator manages production, running the machine and monitors it for problems.

Shifts Needed:

+ First Shift: 7am-3:30pm

+ Second Shift: 3:30pm- 12:00am (midnight)

+ Third Shift: 12:00am (midnight) - 7:00am


Job Functions:

+ Machine parts to specifications.

+ Measure, examine, or test completed units to check for defects and ensure conformance to specifications, using precision instruments, such as micrometers.

+ Align and secure holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories, or materials onto machines.

+ Monitor the feed and speed of machines during the machining process.

+ Lay out, measure, and mark metal stock to display placement of cuts.

+ Check work pieces to ensure that they are properly lubricated or cooled.

+ Operate equipment to verify operational efficiency.

+ Program computers or electronic instruments, such as numerically controlled machine tools.

+ Confer with'