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Account Recovery Specialists, Inc Attorney in Wichita, Kansas

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Duties:\ A. Be responsive\ 1. Respond to all communications written or verbal within 24 hours or less\ whenever possible\ \ B. Report to VP of Legal employee activity and departmental issues

Send brief email reports weekly, to include:

  1. Summary of productivity
  2. Issues observed or complaints from employees and steps taken to resolve
  3. Any other problem, concerns, recognition and comments deemed noteworthy

Note- Send according to ARSI Leadership Reports Tier 3Procedure\ \ C. Provide Leadership

  1. Meet as often as deemed necessary with Legal Management team to brain storm or discuss ideas, possible changes, problems, recognition or any other issue pertaining to legal department employees, their activity, training and future.
  2. Submit ideas for major policy and procedure changes to VP of Legal for approval to implement
  3. Actively participate in management meetings and strategic planning

D. Be a daily source of knowledgeable for employees

  1. Read and research industry-related news and issues
  2. Know all policies and procedures and updates
  3. Make yourself available and let all know you are willing to answer any question
  4. Field all questions before passing specific questions on to supervisor

E. To monitor actions of employees

  1. Review five call recordings per week for quality assurance, compliance and training
    1. Advise VP of Legalof repetitive or serious issues
    2. Use information to adjust training for individual legal assistants
    3. Inform VP of Legal when suggestions need to be made to initial training.
  2. Address morale, education, unprofessional behavior or commendable behavior of any employee and notify Legal Supervisor

F. Motivate employees

  1. Through attitude, attention and setting an example for employees
  2. Through support and recognition as well as training and suggestions

Note-Suggestions to motivate must always be discussed with the VP of Legal if monetary compensation is suggested.\ \ G. Assist with initial and continuous training

  1. When necessary during initial training, help trainers with one on one interaction
  2. Take notice of problems with each employee and discuss with the VP of Legalto review and decide on possible solutions to help any employee to improve
  3. Participate in a continuous training program with the Legal department

H. Represent mutual clients in civil lawsuits for collection of money due

  1. Review accounts prior to suit filing by specified deadlines
  2. Review and sign pleadings and letters
  3. Appear in court on behalf of clients
  4. Manage staff and processes at court
  5. Resolve individual case issues
  6. Advise clients on settlements and other legal questions
  7. Appear for phone hearings as needed
  8. Prepare special pleadings

I. Be responsible for all specified duties assigned

  1. Review accounts with approaching statute of limitations
  2. Assist with working disputed cases
  3. Miscellaneous research and legal work
  4. Be back-up to tasks as needed
  5. Complete the monthly RFS SOL list
  6. Draft special petitions for specified clients