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ICONMA, LLC Aircraft Painter in Wichita, Kansas

Job Description

  • Responsible for the spray application of multiple aerospace paints on a variety of substrates and on simple to complex product configurations, including the set-up and application of primers and finish coat.

  • Supporting responsibilities include masking, racking, turning, and sanding operations as well as equipment maintenance and paint mixing operations.

  • Mix paints to match color specifications or original colors, using spatulas or power missing equipment to stir or thin paints.

  • Select and apply paint according to engineering planning documents.

  • Dispose of trash, scrap and hazardous waste in an appropriate manner.

  • Remove grease, dirt, paint or rust from surface using abrasives, solvents, and brushes or washing tanks to prepare to apply paint.

  • Spray or brush prepared surfaces with specified amounts of Alodine, primers or finish coatings per engineering planning.

  • Mix ingredients to create specific finishes.

  • Trim excess material.

  • Use any equipment (e.g., computers or hand, power and air tools) needed to complete paint assignments.

  • Perform any pickup, rework and incorporation of changes to the product as required.

  • Work from prints, sketches, specifications of changes to the product as required.

  • Maintain required certifications, qualifications, licenses or permits.

  • Utilize precision measuring equipment (e.g., isoscopes and scales) to perform self-inspection of in-process and finished work.

  • Perform routine minor maintenance on sprayers, paint guns, etc. as part of the daily work duties.

  • Move product within the manufacturing work area of the shop, including across aisles, using assigned equipment and complete transactions necessary to move product to the next operation.

  • Support the continuous flow of product within the manufacturing process by training and assisting employees of the same or lower classification level.

  • Inspect equipment, structures, or materials to identify the cause of errors or other problems or defects.

  • Analyze information and evaluate results to choose the best solution and solve problems as pertains to the paint process.

  • Ensure daily logs are completed for air quality prior to paint operations.

  • Utilize required safety equipment and procedures such as respirators, air hoods/masks, Tyvek suits, gloves, donning/doffing, footwear and safety eyewear.

  • Compliance with governing regulations including but not limited to BAC, OSHA, FAA, Mil-Spec and customer specifications where applicable.

  • The training for painters is not as extensive as mechanics, they take respirator class (they must be clean shaven), paint essentials along with a med check.

  • Plus, they will need to complete the list of mandatory online training: Code of Conduct, Hazardous Waste Management, Personal Warranty, etc.

  • Employee is able to perform critical functions of the paint technician such as:

  • Locate application areas per the engineering planning documents to apply the final application of paints to the completed assembly or section per the work instructions and planning.

  • Complete inspection to ensure parts meet engineering standards.

  • Apply topcoat/final application per engineering planning requirements.

  • Apply DYNOL per engineering planning requirements.


  • Able to read engineering blueprints, schematics and drawings.

  • Can match or detect differences among colors, including shades of color and brightness.

  • Able to remain steady while moving an arm or while holding arm and hand in position.

  • See details at close range.

  • Make precise movements of the fingers to grasp, manipulate or assemble small objects.

  • Able to quickly move hand, hand with arm or two hands to grasp, manipulate or assemble objects.


  • Understanding of conventional high volume/low pressure (HVLP) paint spray equipment in pressure, gravity and siphon-fed variants, as well as conventional and airless identification pots, pumps, guns.

  • Aircraft or auto body painting experience.

  • Painting prep to include sanding and masking.

  • Two (2) years minimum related experience or equivalent technical certificate.

    As an equal opportunity employer, ICONMA prides itself on creating an employment environment that supports and encourages the abilities of all persons regardless of race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or disability.