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Pottawatomie County Co-Responder in Westmoreland, Kansas

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The position of Co-Responder for is responsible for providing diverse proficient mental health crisis intervention and outreach to individuals, couples, and groups in Pottawatomie County through an ongoing partnership between Pottawatomie County Sheriffs Department and Pottawatomie County Health Department. This position requires a flexible schedule for calls pertaining to high distress individuals, provides consultation for community based interventions and mental health and/or substance abuse related assessments of individuals who come in contact with law enforcement and Health Department.


  1. Conducts comprehensive assessments; identifies individual needs and substance use and/or mental health disorders; interprets and communicates relevant information to individuals, families and other necessary parties.
  2. Provide joint response in the field, under stress and in a high stake environments, to deescalate situations and communicate effectively with law enforcement. Must have the physical capacity to respond to calls at any location.
  3. Assist with mental health needs of inmates at the Pottawatomie County Jail and assist with connecting inmates to mental health and substance use services in the community as needed.
  4. Conduct Community Needs Assessments:
    1. Gather data through interviews and data analysis to conduct a community needs assessment in Pottawatomie County around drug endangered children using National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children resources and toolkits.
    2. Build and maintain relationships with various sponsors, including community organization, government agencies, businesses, and residents.
    3. Organize and facilitate regular meetings, trainings, and forums around drug endangered children to engage sponsors in collaborative problem-solving.
    4. Foster cooperation and consensus among parties to address community needs effectively.

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