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Kansas Employer Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) in ST PAUL, Kansas

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The nurse aide provides routine daily nursing care in accordance with applicable federal, state, local and facility standards; guidelines, and regulations and as may be directed by the Charge Nurse or Director of Nursing. The Nurse Aide ensures that the highest degree of quality health care for residents are maintained at all times. Report to: Charge Nurse or other charge person Primary Duties: 1. Assists residents with personal nursing care functions including, but not limited to: daily oral hygiene: bath functions: dressing/undressing: hair care: Nail care: shaving: bowel and bladder functions: etc. 2. Performs all duties in accordance with applicable policies and procedures and is instructed by the supervisor in a manner designed to emphasize resident safety and comfort. 3. Ensures residents are dry and clean and assist residents in changing clothing and linens as required. 4. Positions bedfast residents in correct and comfortable positions as instructed and according to facility guidelines. Monitors resident skin condition and reports fi11dings to Charge Nurse. . 5. Assists with lifting, turning, moving, positioning, and transporting residents into and out of beds, chairs, bathtubs, wheelchairs, lifts, etc. ' 6. Participates in daily nursing report and in all department meetings and in-service training programs as directed by the Director of Nursing. 7. Assists in preparing residents for activity, social and medical programs and appointments and helps residents get to and from scheduled activities. 8. Maintains required documentation including intake and output records and reports changes in condition immediately to Charge Nurse. 9. Dresses residents neatly and in their own clothing. Assist residents as needed with dressing. Identify clothing needs and report needs to Social Services. 10. Bathes residents as assigned and in accordance with our established nursing care procedures. 11. Serves food trays and assist with resident food service as indicated. This includes but is not limited to duties such as cutting foods, arranging foods; participating in restorative feeding program, and assisting in dining room supervision. 12. Keeps residents water pitchers clean and filled with fresh water and within easy reach of the resident. 13. Serves between meals and bedtime snacks, or other extra nourishment's as instructed. 14. Performs after meal care duties such as removing trays; cleaning resident hands, face, clothing, oral care, assisting with bowel and bladder functions, etc. 15. Makes beds, clean bedside tables, clean bed-rails, etc. as well as other housekeeping duties that relate to nursing care procedures. 16. Answers resident call lights promptly an in a professional manner. Ensures call lights are with resident's reach at all times. 17. Measures and record temperatures, pulse, and respiration, and measure resident are weights as instructed. 18. Performs special nursing care functions as instructed such.as range of motion exercises; special treatments; reality orientation, etc, 19. Reviews care plans to ensure that appropriate nursing assistant care is provided and informs the supervisor of any changes that may need to be made on the care plan. 20. Checks restrained residents every thirty minutes and as instructed by the supervisor. Releases the restraints as needed, and documents actions. 21. Follows established isolation, infection control and universal precaution procedures as instructed. Uses personal protective equipment as needed. 22; Ensures that all duties are performed in a manner safe for the residents and the nursing assistant. 23. Ensures residents right to fair and equitable treatment, self-determination, individuality, privacy, property, and civil rights, including the right to wage a complaint, are followed at all times. 24. Strives to create and maintain an atmosphere of warmt , personal interest and positive emphasis as well as a calm environment throughout the unit. 25. Reports all complaints including resident abuse claims to the supervisor immediately. 26. Assures that personnel, visitors and residents follow established smoking regulations. 27. Maintains confidentiality of all resident care information to assure. resident rights are protected. 28. Performs other duties as necessary and appropriate or as directed by Charge Nurse, Department Director or Administrator. Educational and Experience Requirements: 1. Must maintain current and active nurses aide certification in the state of Kansas. 2. Must maintain current and active CPR certification at all times. 3. One-year experience in long term care is preferred but not required. 4. Must have adequate writing skills in order to complete required documentation duties. Other Requirements: 1. Must be able to work independently. 2. Must be able to plan and organize schedule to accomplish required level of tasks during workday. 3. Must be able to deal tactfully with other staff, residents, family members, and other visitors. 4. Must be able to follow facility established nursing practices, procedures, and guidelines pertaining to the delivery of quality health care services to the resident. 5. Must maintain confidentiality of resident information. 6. Must attend required training and education sessions offered by the facility. Working conditions/physical requirements: May be required to work after r