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GOVE COUNTY Health Department Director in Quinter, Kansas

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Gove County Health Department

Director Job Description

Gove County is a friendly, agricultural county. Gove County has excellent schools and a strong faith community. Health care is provided by a cohesive team consisting of Gove County Medical Center, Bluestem Medical and the Gove County Health Department who serve Gove County residents and those of surrounding counties.

The Gove County Health Department was established in 1960 and was staffed by existing school nurses. These nurses worked from their homes and provided what would be called home health services today. The Health Department, located in Quinter, enjoys support from the medical community, Gove County Commissioners, and residents. We are now searching for a director.

This position is full-time. The Director must be a Registered Nurse licensed to practice nursing in Kansas and must live in Gove County. The Director will be paid according to experience and qualifications. The Health Department is open Monday-Wednesday 8AM to 5:30PM; Thursday 8AM to 6:30PM; and Friday 8AM to11AM. Friday is an administrative day, and no patients are seen. There is one Saturday morning a year (for the Health Fair) that requires Health Department staff to work. There is no on-call. Health Department staff self-schedules via use of a shared calendar; those schedules are flexible to accommodate personal events. The Director is eligible for the Gove County Benefit package that includes Kansas Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance and a health savings account. Vacation, most Federal holidays, and sick time are paid. Paychecks are electronically submitted to the account of your choice every 4 weeks. A vehicle is provided to the director for travel to and from work and for Public Health activities.

There is room for growth at the Health Department. Although we offer basic public health services, there are more programs that can be added to benefit Gove County residents. Grant funding is available through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Community education and services to benefit Gove County residents can also be contemplated.

It is the Directors job to supervise all employees of the health department and the activities performed there.

WIC (Women, Infants and Children)

Acts as WIC Coordinator

Completes monthly affidavit of expenditure by the 20th of each month.

Completes WIC training modules.

Provides WIC certification and mid-certification appointments.

Leads Nutrition Services Plan completion with partners.

Prepares annual WIC budget.

May serve on the statewide WIC Advisory Committee (WAC)

Acts as lead for the Management Evaluation completed every 2 years.

Makes suggested changes after Management Evaluation/Nutrition Services Plan is complete.

Adds WIC information to each staff meeting agenda using P and I Memos


Completes ICS 700, 100, 200, 300, 400.

Serves as POD Site Commander

Serves as Fiscal Agent for the West Central Public Health Initiative (WCPHI)

Attends monthly WCPHI meetings, either virtually or in person

Attends quarterly Health Care Coalition Executive Team and General Membership meetings either in person or virtually.

Completes and submits Local Preparedness workplans quarterly.

Completes and submits Financial Status Reports quarterly.

Works closely with the WCPHI Coordinator to complete assigned local projects.


Serves as backup to Immunization LPN.

Learns Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices guidelines for providing immunizations.

Orders TransactRx medications

Completes Immunization Action Plan Grant each year and submits quarterly Fiscal Status Reports and semi-annual reports to KGMS.

Acts as backup to Immunization LPN for yearly VFC walk though audit/visit.

Wo ks cooperatively with immunization partners.

Administrative Duties

Prepares agenda and leads monthly staff meeting.

Communicates directly with Gove County Commissioners.

Verifies accuracy of and signs off on timesheets.

Attends monthly meetings of the West Central Public Health Initiative in person or via Zoom.

Cooperates and assists Gove County department heads and employees.

Writes necessary Policies and Procedures.

Completes yearly staff evaluations.

Attends Little KAC in Colby each year.

Works with auditor to complete annual Gove County Health Department budget.

Attends quarterly KDHE Administrator meeting in Oakley.

Attends quarterly Health Care Coalition meeting via Zoom or in person.

Updates Standard Operating Guides associated with Preparedness.

Leads Emergency Support Function (ESF) 8 meetings and