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Sac and Fox Casino IT Specialist in Powhattan, Kansas

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DESCRIPTION OF WORK:Assists in the installation, operation and maintenance of computer hardware,operating systems, applications software and both data and voice communications relating to Casino gaming.SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Maintains confidentiality of all systems, data and information2. Receives and resolves requests for assistance form users. Decides appropriate actions and implements efficient and effective solutions. Assures that the MIS Manager is keptabreast of all requests and responses. Exercises good judgment in referring requests to theMIS Manager before taking actions.3. Maintains network systems, network security, user access, and completes routine network activities. Performs support systems activities such as backups, report generation, and problem resolution in a professional and accurate manner.4. Completes installations, preventive maintenance and repairs on computer hardware, communications equipment, video equipment and peripherals.5. Assist the MIS Manager in the design and implementation of efficient and cost effective information technology solutions.6. Provide training to end users regarding applications and other software.7. Reviews all requests for new gaming programs or program changes with MIS Manager and Compliance8. Performs gaming program changes; (Program changes for gaming systems)9. Prepares a written plan of implementation for new and modified programs10. Completes all data inserts for conversions, installations, and all other gaming technology upgrades11. Test all new and modified programs; this shall be performed and documented prior to implementation12. Keeps record of the final program or program changes, including evidence of user acceptance, date in service, programmer, and reason for changes.13. Reviews all Security logs.14. Reports and logs all Multiple attempts to log-on, or alternatively, the system and all denied user access after three attempts to logon;15. Logs unauthorized changes to live data files; and any other unusual transactions.16. Completes other duties as assigned or directed by the MIS Manager or above.