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Kansas Employer Surveillance Agent in Pittsburg, Kansas

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POSITION SUMMARY\ The Surveillance Agent is responsible to monitor activities to ensure that casino patrons are not engaged in illegal activities, that soft and hard count operations are conducted in accordance with Internal Control Policies and Procedures and state regulations, as well as review established departmental policies and procedures for the casino are reviewed and adhered to.\ \ GENERAL ACCOUNTABILITIES\ The following statements are intended as general illustrations of the work in this class and are not all-inclusive:\ \ 1.Attend daily briefings and meeting, being on time and participating in a positive manner.\ \ 2.Ensure the smooth operation of the Surveillance Department through following prescribed policies and procedures, as well as complying with Internal Control Policies and Procedures.\ \ 3.Responsible for writing reports in a clear and concise manner noting only factual information without interjection of ones personal opinion.\ \ 4.Operates surveillance equipment within the Surveillance room and reports any malfunction of the surveillance system.\ \ 5.Document, observe, tape and report any violations of state regulations, company policies or departmental procedures.\ \ 6.Interact with local, state and federal law enforcement in the investigations of criminal activity which occurs on company property.\ \ 7.Monitor currency transports in accordance with casino procedures.\ \ 8.Complete tasks and department assignments or projects, and meet the deadlines related to those assignments.\ \ 9.Work on actual projects or service to help achieve the objectives of the department.\ \ 10.Evaluate information to render an opinion or take action based on that information that will impact the department or function.\ \ 11.Possess skills to hasten resolution, assess course of action, and implement or take action based upon findings.\ \ 12.Render advice, and provide expertise or judgment based on information gathered, studied, analyzed or reviewed.\ \ 13.Ensure the integrity of gambling, banking, count room and cash handling procedures.\ \ 14.Must have complete understanding of table games rules as well as policies and procedures for all gaming and cash handling areas.\ \ 15.Responsible for proper handling of confidential information, reports, incidents, and materials.\ \ 16.Inform senior management team of information necessary to the efficient operation of the casino.\ \ 17.Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to provide clear direction in assigning and instructing facilities team in the details of their work.\ \ 18.Conduct him/her in a gracious, kind and warm manner that creates a sense of fondness, as well as professional, courteous and responsive manner, which reflects positively on the company and its core values of Fun, Family and Community.\ \ 19.Performs other duties as may be assigned by department and/or company management.\ \

COMPLIANCE RESPONSIBILITIES\ In addition to the other duties described herein, each and every Team Member has the following responsibilities related to compliance with laws and regulations:\ \ Attend required training sessions offered by the casino.\ Obtain required license(s).\ Perform the duties described in compliance with local laws and regulations.\ Take the necessary steps to ensure minors are not allowed to gamble or loiter in gambling areas, drink alcoholic beverages, or purchase tobacco.\ Have knowledge of the ordinances, regulations, laws, policies, and procedures relating to the Team Members department.\ Have knowledge of the Propertys programs to address problem gambling.\ Consult with the appropriate individuals and maintain an effective system of written policies, procedures, and internal controls to ensure compliance with th state regulations and Systems of Internal Controls.\ Take the appropriate steps to investigate exceptions, fraud, and potential violations and report such instances to the appropriate levels of management.\ Report any acts of wrongdoing on behalf of any Team Member that they have knowledge of.