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Kansas Department of Commerce Public Works Operator II-Solid Waste in Manhattan, Kansas

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An employee in this position works closely with the public. Responsibilities include: works in the scale house; operates construction equipment, maintenance equipment, other tools and equipment and performs manual tasks needed to facilitate the operations of the Riley County Transfer Station. Work assignments include but are not limited to: maintaining the closed County landfill, tree and brush disposal area, the composting area, the scrap iron and appliance areas, grounds, equipment and operating the scale house. Particular work may include the weighing of the incoming solid waste, assessing charges, receiving payment, customer service, operating computer and automated scales, operating heavy equipment, manual labor and assisting the general public. Work is reviewed by the Assistant County Engineer through consultations and periodic field inspections to determine progress and adherence to departmental policies and procedures. Saturday and holiday hours will be required.


+ Maintains the tree and brush area: separates out firewood, organizes into stock piles, moves unprocessed material

+ Maintains the scrap iron and appliance areas: stockpiles iron, sorts appliances

+ Maintains daily labor, equipment and material use records to report time worked and equipment used for cost accounting

+ Maintains the transfer station grounds by planting, watering, fertilizing, mowing, trimming and spraying the grass; picks up trash, blowing litter, maintains landscaping and fencing

+ Maintains the composting areas: monitors the area for non-compostable materials, stock piles materials, turns the windrows of compostable materials, moves windrows and loads out finished product

+ Maintains the wood chip area: accepts or rejects wood chips in accordance to pre-established criteria, stock piles wood chips, loads chips

+ Operates the scale house: weighs and inspects incoming loads, assesses charges, prepares receipts, receives payments, uses automated scales and computer system. Collects, records and accounts for cash and checks, inspects loads for hazardous or unacceptable materials and directs customers to the proper areas

+ Operates heavy equipment: Wheel loader, truck, backhoe, motor grader, tractor, mower and etc.

+ Maintains the cap on the closed county landfill; mowing, filling eroded or depressed areas, seeding and controlling erosion

+ Maintains the solid waste buildings by making minor repairs

+ Performs light maintenance and servicing on equipment

+ Opens and closes transfer station and gates, secures area at close of business

+ Maintains parking areas, paved/rock roads

+ Transports heavy equipment to and from the Solid Waste facility

+ Provides regular predictable attendance and fosters a cooperative work environment

+ Attends meetings and training

+ Monitors activities within Solid Waste grounds and assists the public

+ Meets periodically with the Assistant County Engineer

+ Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned


+ Picks up litter and trash along highways leading to the transfer station

+ Pulls magnet over roads and parking areas to pick up nails, misc. metal

+ Performs daily operator maintenance to fuel, lubricate and clean equipment

+ Removes snow and ice from interior roads & lots and the Health Dept. sidewalks

+ Assists Road & Bridge Divisio n in snow removal activities

+ Coordinates and participates in special projects

+ Clean interior and exterior of scale house as needed

+ May be required to perform related work as required during and after hours, any day of the week, including holidays