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BMA Doctrinal Training Team Protection SME in Leavenworth, Kansas

This position is in support of the ARNG Mission Training Complexes and other DOD locations. Decisive Action Protection Warfighting Function SME serving as a Doctrinal Training Team member in teaching, coaching, and mentoring Commander's and staff's in the Operations Process and the art and science of Mission Command. Responsible for collective training to include the development of scenarios, script writing, OPORDS and OPLANS to provide exercise direction for MTC driven collective events.May support work originating any/all of the following locations/regions:

  • Ft. Leavenworth, KS

Essential Functions:

  • Provides doctrinal training subject matter expertise to support live and constructive mission command training.

  • Conduct enforcement of safety precautions and proper execution of all firing and misfire reduction procedures to minimize risk against Officer’s, NCOs, and other Soldier personnel.

  • SME in the area of military Live, Virtual, Constructive, and Gaming (LVC-G) training methods and procedures to include Simulations and Stimulations and other Mission Command Training enablers.

  • Acts as an advisor, mentor, and SME for Division to Battalion level units during planning through execution to include After Action Review (AAR) of MTC driven collective events.

  • Provides doctrinal training subject matter expertise to support live and constructive mission command training.

  • Plans, coordinates, prepares, and conducts battle CPXs, Integrated STAFFEXs, Section STAFFEXs, Fires EXs, LOGEXs, Digital COMMEXs, Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) workshops, Tactical Operations Center (TOC) proficiency training and other supporting events associated with these exercises.

  • Plans for and executes doctrinally current Section STAFFEXs for ARNG Divisions through Battalion level to provide commanders and staffs the opportunity to develop and apply war-fighting skills using the framework of the MDMP.

  • Develops doctrinally current training materials including higher command operations orders, reports, briefings and leads requested workshops.

  • Coaches, teaches, and mentors units during the conduct of Section STAFFEXs in order to assist the commander in achieving their training objectives.

  • Provides “doctrinally correct textbook solutions” upon request to training units for staff products and exercises at the conclusion of each training event.

  • Plans for and executes constructive (Integrated (Full) STAFFEX) in coordination with other elements of the MCTSP for ARNG units, to provide commanders and staffs the opportunity to exercise operations orders developed in Section STAFFEXs.

  • Provides on-site feedback to unit Commanders and appropriate staff members in the form of informal discussions.

  • Prepares a Final Exercise Report (FER) that addresses the planning, preparation and execution of each fully executed DTT rotation.

  • Will recommend LVC-G training strategies, methodologies, and techniques to meet and anticipate training requirements.

  • Responsible for the design of scenario based exercises to support Unit Commander’s training objectives.

  • Will develop theater specific scripting of Master Scenario Events List (MSEL), or simulation control injects that are integrated with and support training exercises, and constructive staff training in a Live-Virtual-Constructive environment.

  • Will conduct in-depth research on evolving doctrine, theater specific operations, lessons learned and newly developed tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used in the development of MSEL, or simulation control injects that accurately replicate the operational environment that the training is designed for. Must determine the appropriate exercise inject methods and entry point.

  • Ensure Unit Leadership understands MTC capabilities in regards to operations, training, technical support, simulations and distribution methodologies.

  • Leading up to and during Collective events, must synchronize the capabilities of MTC training capabilities assets.

  • Implements ISO quality standards

  • Ensures adherence to Company and Site Policies, Practices and Procedures appropriately using authority to conduct or recommend employee disciplinary actions accordingly.

  • Safeguard and maintain Government furnished equipment, materials and facilities.

  • Coordinate required safety information through direct coordination with government leadership.

  • Ensure that Government and contract guidelines, regulations, policies and standards are complied with.

Qualifications / Skills / Educaton:

  • BA or BS degree, subject immaterial (MA or MS degree preferred).

  • Completion of the Command and General Staff College or equivalent level military schooling (Preferred).


  • Previous senior Army/ARNG leadership position with training management background and CTC experience (or similar).

  • Combat Arms, Combat Support, or Combat Service Support Officer with primary staff experience in the specific primary War Fighting Function at Battalion, Brigade, and/or Division Level (or similar).

  • At least 6 years of combined staff experience within the specific War Fighting Function (or similar)

  • OR years of specialized experience in this type MCTSP duty position, (or similar).

  • Recent experience working within the National Guard training support system, (or similar).

Specific Knowledge:

  • WarFighting Function area Army Mission Command System qualification(s).

  • Previous Battalion or higher commander preferred (or similar).

Licenses / Certifications / Registrations

  • Must possess a valid State Driver's License and maintain Post driving privileges.Must be able to successfully pass the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Awareness compact disk—read-only memory (CD-ROM) course as a minimum training requirement.

  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a security clearance and meet other eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Skills Required:

  • 2 or more years working with and using Computer Assisted Training exercises.

  • Able to read, write and speak fluent English.

  • Must be able to listen with comprehension to assist fellow associates with duties/requests.

  • Must have excellent verbal communication skills for interfacing with military and civilian personnel.

  • Physical/Mental Abilities Required:

  • Ability to use good judgment and common sense when performing job functions.

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

  • Ability to prioritize and perform multiple tasks at the same time under stressful conditions.

  • The highest level of confidentiality and loyalty is required.

Working Conditions:

  • Office environment, occasionally outdoors.

  • Occasional exposure to natural conditions existing at different location around the US.

  • Work Week: Monday-Friday (may vary based on mission requirements)

  • Work Hours: 0800 - 1700 (may vary based on mission requirements)

  • Overtime: As Required

  • Travel: Often

Physical Factors:

The following terms are used to describe the percent of time spent performing the physical factors below:

Occasionally (1%-33%) - Frequently (34%-66%) - Continuously (67%-100%)

  • Standing: occasionally Reaching: occasionally

  • Walking: occasionally Stretching: occasionally

  • Lifting: occasionally Pushing: occasionally

  • Moving: occasionally Pulling: occasionally

  • Bending: occasionally Climbing: occasionally

  • Stooping: occasionally Balancing: occasionally

  • Twisting: occasionally Kneeling: occasionally

  • Crouching: occasionally sitting: occasionally

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