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LANSING CORRECTIONAL FACILITY Corrections Officer I in Lansing, Kansas

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State of Kansas – Department of Corrections (Rev. 09-17)

Position Description Read each heading carefully before proceeding. Make statements simple, brief and complete. Be certain the form is signed. Send the original to the Human Resources Office.

CHECK AS APPROPRIATE: ? Unclassified ? Classified ? Regular ? TemporaryPART I – To be completed by department head or human resources office.

1. Agency Name 8. Position Number

2. Division 9. Current Title (if existing position)

3. Unit/Office 10. Proposed Title

4. Name of Incumbent 11. Working Title

5. Work Station Location (Subject to Change)

City:__________________ County: __________________


r u

se b

y H












12. Allocation

6. Check appropriate time:

? Full Time ? Part Time ___________%

13. Effective Date 14. FLSA Status

7. Regular Hours of Work

FROM: ________ ? AM ? PM TO: ________? AM ? PM

? Su ? M ? Tu ?W ? Th ? F ? Sa

OTHER: ___________________________________

15. By: Approved:

16. KPERS Designation

? Corrections A ? Corrections B ? Regular

PART II – To be completed by department head or human resources office or supervisor of the position.

17. Describe the mission, goal, and/or purpose of this position. Why does it exist?

18. Who is the supervisor of this positon (person who assigns work, gives directions, answers questions and is directly in charge)?Name Title Position Number

19a. Check the statement that best describes the leadership, supervisory or management responsibilities of this position.

? None.

? Lead Worker. Plans and coordinates the work of co-workers, guiding and training them while performing the same kind and level of work a majority ofthe time.

? Supervisor. Assigns, directs, reviews and evaluates the job performance; has significant input into decisions related to hires, transfers,promotions, demotions, dismissals, and discipline of employees under his or her supervision. The majority of the work is different from that of subordinates.

? Manager. Integrates and coordinates the activities of several organizational functions or programs and initiates changes through subordinate supervisors or integrates and coordinates the activities of one or more programs having department-wide impact.

b. List the names, class titles and position numbers of all persons who are supervised directly by employee in this position:Name Title Position Number

KDOC (Rev 04-17) – Position Description _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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20. Describe the work of this position using this page or one additional page only. Also note, Essential Function Form is attached.

Use the following for mat for describing job duties. What is the action being done (use an action verb); to whom or what is the action directed (object of action); why is the action being done (be brief); how is the action being done (be brief). Number each task and indicate percent of time an incumbent spends or would spend performing each task:

No. % Job Duties

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KDOC (Rev 09-17) – Position Description_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

21a. How much latitude is allowed the employee in completing the work? b.) What kinds of instructions, methods and guidelines are given to the employee in this position to help do the work? c.) State how and in what detail assignments are made:

22. What hazards, risks or discomforts exist on the job or in the work environment? Frequency of exposure?

KDOC (Rev 09-17) – Position Description___________________________________