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Western Specialty Contractors Construction Sales/Project Manager - Roofing - GP in Kansas City, Kansas

less thanp>Western Specialty Contractors has grown to become the nation's largest specialty contractor in its field. We celebrate being in business for over 105 years and counting!less than/p>less thanp>less than/p>less thanp>We specialize in masonry and concrete restoration as well as preventative waterproofing of buildings and structures. We have offices across the country and our Kansas City Roofing branch has an opportunity available for a Sales Project Manager.less than/p>less thanp>less than/p>less thanp>As a Sales/Project Manager for the Kansas City Roofing Operations, your primary duties and responsibilities will be implementing marketing initiatives, initiating sales calls and opportunities, performing takeoffs (from blueprints and existing structures), developing estimates and client proposals, administering contracts, developing project schedules, supervising projects and ensuring quality control. In addition, you will be required to prepare customer billings and assist in collection efforts as necessary. This will all be done while developing and maintaining relationships with our customers architects, engineers, owners, and general contractors. Your training progress will be monitored by your Branch Manager with regular review sessions to ensure your understanding of Western's Best Practices.less than/p>less thanp>less than/p>less thanp>less thanu>Responsibilities:less than/u>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>Develop opportunities to initiate the sale of Western's services in commercial roofing, waterproofing, etc.less than/li>less thanli>Must have the ability to set up ladders 20 to 30 foot high without assistance.less than/li>less thanli>Previous experience working with Single ply, TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modifieds, BUR, and architectural sheet metal a requirement.less than/li>less thanli>Assist with the implementation of the branch marketing goals and action plans to educate new and existing customers about the services we provide. less than/li>less thanli>Develop and maintain relationships with both current and potential clients to market the services provided by Western and increase customer base.less than/li>less thanli>Provide customer support from start to finish of all projects and maintain contact with customers during and after completion of projects.less than/li>less thanli>Accurately estimate and price all work to maximize volume and profitability.less than/li>less thanli>Prepare client proposal and follow up to close the sale.less than/li>less thanli>Monitor and supervise the deployment of all projects to ensure the achievement of quality and timely execution of projects.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanul>less thanli>Interact with Superintendent and Foreman to ensure customer/contact requirements and timelines are met.less than/li>less thanli>Document, coordinate and communicate any project change orders to field and customer.less than/li>less thanli>Ensure customer job files are maintained and complete.less than/li>less thanli>Assist in the training and development of sales and field personnel to enhance the quality of company personnel.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanul>less thanli>Ensure the accurate and timely billings and assist in collection efforts as required.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanul>less thanli>Maintain a high level of technical expertise by participating in appropriate seminars and training programsless than/li>less than/ul>less thanul>less thanli>Contribute to operating effectiveness by developing internal and external branch relationships.less than/li>less thanli>Join and participate in industry related organizations to increase networking capabilities and develop new relationships and opportunities for work.less than/li>less than/ul>less thanp>less than/p>less thanp>less than/p>less thanp>less thanu>Education and Experience:less than/u>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>High school diploma or equivalent.less than/li>less thanli>Bachelor degree in Construction Management or