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Arconic Equipment Operator Polishing in Hutchinson, Kansas

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Hutchinson, KS

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Manufacturing, Engineering

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Job DescriptionInterpersonal Relationships:

• Daily contact with Team Leader, Inspectors, co-workers, various departments, and various levels of local management.

• On occasion, interaction with customers, vendors, and external auditors.

• Frequent coordination with metal movement for skid changes.

• Ability to constructively participate in various team functions (e.g. safety, problem identification, and problem solving).

• Communicate with 3P “on the fly”.


Essential Functions

This position requires;

• A moderate degree of dexterity involving ordinary speed and accuracy. Motions include but not limited to bending, twisting, kneeling, reaching, grasping, pulling etc.

• Standing for up to 12 hours.

• Hand/eye coordination, necessary for equipment operation.

• Normal vision, corrected if necessary.

• The ability to climb onto a raised working surface and work on a periodic basis on hands and knees. Duration typically does not exceed 2 hour continuous timeframes.

• Lifting of up to 50 pounds.

• Handling of 16’ 2” x 6”s, plywood and other misc. production and packaging materials.

• Use of hand saws, hammers and other misc. powered hand tools.

• Require the use of personal protective equipment.

• Ability to work in hot temperatures in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter if needed.

• Plant operates on a 24/7 schedule. Must be able to have the ability to work nights, weekends, holidays, etc. if needed.

Non-Essential Functions

• Have a thorough knowledge of AAC documentation which includes work instructions, discrete jobs, ATPs, Sales Orders, etc.

• Must attain safe/customer operator certification as defined by competency requirements.

• Have basic computer skills.

• Have an understanding of tolerances in accordance with Aluminum Standards Handbook.

• Have a working knowledge of metal properties (alloy and temper).

• Have a basic understanding of customer surface quality specifications.

• Have the knowledge and certification (as required) to safely operate material handling equipment such as forklift trucks and overhead cranes.

• Know the fundamentals of skid enclosing.

• Know the fundamentals of sheet cleaning.

• Know how to read and operate precision tools such as depth gauge, ultrasonic gauge, and micrometer.

• The employee will function within a team setting, led by a team leader, who as a resource, provides assistance, solves problems, gives direction, sets expectations, and monitors performance.

• The employee will demonstrate the ability to function in a self-directed manner without continual supervision.

• Working in accordance with established safety rules, quality rules, and Safe Work Instructions.

• Participate in and contribute to safe workplace activities—TSC, SEEs, etc.

• Participate in and contribute to Arconic Business System activities.

• Thorough completion of pre-shift operational check sheet.

• Meet shift turnover requirements.

• Engraving appropriate identification markings on specified unpolished sheets prior to polishing to assure traceability.

• Placement of skids containing raw material onto the front side of polishing complexes.

• Use of Frontside trolley to load sheets onto polishing table.

• Pre-inspection of material using a calibrated tape measure and micrometer.

• Maintaining 5S requirements.

• Restocking of supplies.

• Adjustments to and cleaning of suction cups on the unloading trolley.

• Participate in buff changes.

• Participate in Baghouse cleaning.

• Participate in a table gasket change and other setup requirements.

• Accurate recording of downtime in Citect software database.

• Monitor vacuum levels and table temperatures.

• Maintaining nails and combs.

• Installation of J-Block.

• Identify and report to inspector possible non-conforming conditions detected while cleaning sheets.

• The safe operation of material handling equipment such as overhead cranes, vacuum grabs, and forklift truck, to include pre-operational safety checks.

• Operation of the buff press.

• Maintains clean polishing table surface to avoid vacuum dents, and repairs setups in gaskets between sheets.

• Inventories operating supplies.

• Verifies package tickets and compares to work order and ensuring that package tickets are retained and turned in to quality inspectors upon the completion of work orders.

• Participate in buff-building.

• Assisting in other production areas as required (to include but not limited to Finishing, Taping, Shearing, 3P, Surf Con, Material Movement, and Equipment Operation).

• Cleaning trace amounts of residual polishing compound from the edges and bottom of polished sheets.

• Cleaning the surface of polished sheets.

• Stenciling appropriate identification markings on polished sheets.

• Apply appropriate interleave materials.

• The movement of empty skids into, and fully loaded skids from the backside pickup area of polishing complexes.

• Preparation of skids, in accordance with customer’s specifications, for each polishing job.

• Trimming and enclosing fully loaded skids from completed work orders.

• Enclosing skids of non-conforming material disposition for cut-down.

• Enclosing of non-conforming material.

• Movement of cut-down and non-conforming material.

• Separation and segregation of scrap material.

• Cleaning of backside table vacuum filters on polishers.

• Operation of polishing trolleys.

• Participate in breaking down larger stacks of metal into smaller stacks.

• Maintaining the cleaning roll in an acceptable manner and make new rolls as needed.

• Utilizing proper ergonomic tools and activities.

Level II Requirements

12 months in position as a Level I Operator

• Basic Shop Math

• Advanced Concepts

• Calibrated Tools

• Basic Metallurgy

Compliance With the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Laws and Regulations

Arconic reaffirms its policy to provide equal employment opportunity in recruiting, hiring, upgrading and promotion, conditions and privileges of employment, company-sponsored training, access to facilities, educational assistance, social and recreational programs, compensation, benefits, transfers, discipline, layoffs, recalls or termination of employment to all employees without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, veteran status, genetic information, sex or age (within statutory limits).

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