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City of Hutchinson Emergency Services Dispatcher in Hutchinson, Kansas

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Under the supervisor of the Emergency Communications Dispatch Supervisor, an Emergency Communications Dispatcher receives emergency and non-emergency calls from the public requesting police, emergency medical, fire suppresion or other services within Reno County. This position is primarily responsible for obtaining the critical information needed to ensure proper and timely response to emergency and non-emergency situations.

The position must work within the complexity of different guidelines provided by multiple user departments and is responsible for making complex decision based on availability and type of response units, location, system status and many other judgement factors. This position performs emergency and non-emergency dispatching duties for 42 entities, including all fire, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel in Hutchinson and Reno County.

Supplemental Information

Automatic Disqualifiers for Hutchinson Police Department Applicants. At the time of your submission of this Application for Employment, a criminal history check will be conducted by the Hutchinson Police Department and your background will be closely examined. Failure to meet any of the following requirements will result in immediate disqualification:

A) No convictions(s), expunged conviction(s) or placement of diversion by any state or the federal government for a crime which is a felony or its equivalent under the uniform code of military justice;

B) No conviction(s), expunged conviction(s) or placement of diversion by any state or the federal government for a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or its equivalent under the uniform code of military justice.

C) Is the holder of a high school diploma or furnishes evidence of successful completion of an examination indicating an equivalent achievement.

D) Is of good moral character,

E) Satisfies all requirements set forth by the City of Hutchinson

F) If military service has been rendered, DD214 must reflect a separation code and an honorable discharge or a discharge under honorable conditions;

G) Not falsified, intentionally misrepresented, or have not been completely truthful or have not fully disclosed ALL information requested on a questionnaire, document, or application as part of the pre-employment process;

H) Has not been convicted of, plead guilty, or no contest to, or received diversion on a serious traffic violation within the past 5 years. Serious traffic violations include, but not limited to DUI, recklass driving, hit and run, vehicular homicide, and eluding a police officer.

I) Has not been convicted of a crime involving an act of dishonesty, to include but not limted to theft, insufficient funds (checks), fraud, false police reports, etc. If convicted as a juvenile of any of these listed acts, each case will be reviewed to determine if it disqualifies you for further employment consideration.

It is important that you truthfully and thoroughly answer all questions contained in this Application for Employment including but not limited to any criminal and dishonest conduct. The disclosure of criminal conduct, dishonest conduct or civil litigation on this application will not necessarily result in your rejection for employment.

Please be advised that if disqualified, our agency may not be able to share the specific records resulting in your disqualification due to federal and state regulations. However, we will diret you to the applicable law enforcement agency to retrieve and potentially solve any disputes.