City of Hutchinson Chief of Police in Hutchinson, Kansas

Under the general direction of the City Manager, this position is primarily responsible for planning, organizing and directing the city’s comprehensive police services and law enforcement program, including patrol, traffic enforcement, investigation, emergency communications center, animal services, and administrative support services. Provides professional assistance to city management staff in areas of expertise and coordinates assigned activities with other City departments and outside agencies; and fosters cooperative working relationships with citizen groups and other agencies on police matters. The following are a list of qualities that the ideal candidate should possess:

Strategic Leadership The new Chief will need to take an active role in guiding the Police Department. He or she must be forward thinking, look beyond the status quo and envision what will be effective for the future. This person must be able to reach beyond the Police Department and collaborate across agencies to push forward public safety, recognizing that the goal of public safety is a community-wide interest not just a police department one. The new Chief will need to ensure his or her strategic perspective translates into day-to-day actions (e.g., policies, procedures, attitude and comportment). The Chief must be comfortable using data-driven research in the decision-making process. The Chief must model leadership behaviors and instill confidence in stakeholders and employees regarding the overall tone and direction of the Department ensuring that the Department is prepared to meet the needs of the future. The new Chief must have clearly demonstrated effective strategic leadership as a pre-requisite to coming into the Department.

Team Leadership

The next Chief will be a person of integrity who has a proven record of building a positive and engaging organizational culture characterized by accountability, transparency and continuous improvement. The new Chief will embrace interacting with and motivating the rank and file officers and garnering their ownership of the goals of the Department. The new Chief must be prepared to develop and build a strong leadership team who will be actively involved with driving the department’s mission and objectives.

Operational Readiness/Emergency Action The new Chief must actively evaluate the Department to ensure it is positioned to respond to a range of law enforcement responsibilities such as patrol, investigations, security, and other emergency situations such as natural and man-made disasters. In addition, the new Chief must collaborate with others (cities, departments, task forces, working groups, etc.) within the region to address and solve problems/issues affecting the community. The next Chief will continually develop healthy relationships with residents and staff, as well as with local, regional, state, and other governmental partners to benefit the community.

Managerial Stewardship The demands and challenges required of the new Chief to be well versed in budget management, HR policies and procedures, legal processes/procedures, use of technology and use of metrics/data to evaluate department performance. The Chief will need to be abreast of current trends and best practices in policing and emergency communications in the local environment.

Budget and Financial Management The Chief will identify priorities for budget consideration and oversees the acquisition and use of resources in a fiscally sound manner. He or she must ensure that financial decisions align with the local government entity and the community. The new Chief must be able to seek out additional sources of revenue as needed and appropriate (e.g., financial assistance through grant writing at local, state and federal levels, joint projects with other law enforcement agencies).

Community Relations The new Chief will be a relationship builder who can develop strong connections within all segments of the community. The new Chief will serve as a visible spokesperson for the Police Department and must handle all interactions with tact and diplomacy. The selected individual will be an experienced public speaker with excellent communication skills, command presence, and will be comfortable speaking and representing the Police Department and city with the utmost integrity and professionalism.