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Barton County Of Equipment Operator I / Applicator I in Great Bend, Kansas

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Six months of the year (September thru February) - Operates construction and maintenance equipment and single and tandem-axle trucks. Performs related manual tasks to perform all functions related to Barton County Road and Bridge construction. Teaches others various job responsibilities.

Six months of the year (March thru August) - Postion involves carrying out all weed departments responsibilities; applies chemical herbicides to control noxious weeks and other weed problems; performs chemical applications following the guidelines of the Weed and Pesticide Division of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture, the Barton County Weed Department policies and chemical label requirements. Regularly works with the public on all job tasks and requests.

Fundamental Job Duties:

Equipment Operator I

Asphalt Operations - Operate self-propelled pneumatic and steel rollers to compact roadway base and surfacing materials. Calculates oil usage and asphalt tonnage. Precisely operates motor grader in asphalt operations. Grades and lays down asphalt roads according to regular standards.

Road Construction / Maintenance - Seal highways with an oil distributor and sand spreader. Plows snow and spreads anti-skid materials. Operates oil distributor during sealing / patching operations.

Equipment Operation - Loads materials with front-end loader and operates single-axle or heavy-duty tandem-axle truck, and/or trailer to deliver materials. Operate mechanical broom, paint-striping machine, sandblasting machine, forklift, tractor-mower, related mowing equipment, and snow removal equipment. Operates dredge equipment and ADM. Operates motor grader to make rough cuts during dirt construction and while laying asphalt or roadway.

Maintenance - Utilizes electric and gas welding machines to weld various types of metals. Performs ligh welding, hard surfacing of blades, etc. Repair fences and guardrails. Maintains records related to job assignments and fills out proper forms. Performs preventive equipment maintenance and minor repairs.

Other - May supervise others as instructed. May work at asphalt plant / sand operations. Meets the public and maintains a positive relationship with the public. Performs all other duties and / or manual labor tasks as requested by supervisor.

Applicator I

Weed Control / Chemicals - Communicates and recommends appropriate weed control services; confirms and accurately records and inputs provided weed control services for billing. Blends herbicide chemicals and applies according to site conditions, manufacturer and/or Kansas State Board of Agriculture (KSBA) label requirements. Determines if sufficient growth of noxious weeds exists and if infestations are in treatable locations. Applies herbicides using all available application equipment. Receives chemical shipments and stocks in warehouse. Sells chemicals and loads for customers. Establishes schedules and/or plans for daily work, including timeline for chemical application jobs. Performs accurate physical inventory of chemicals on a monthly basis. Accurately calibrates equipment and maintains calibration of equipment on a daily basis. Trains and assists other personnel in accurate calibration of equipment; notes and reports any required changes to the Director. Cleans and performs preventive and minor maintenance on trucks and/or related equipment; including heavy equipment repairs and inspection of grain trucks for noxious weed seed content as required/requested. Meets with Director of department on an as needed basis (daily or weekly) for special instructions. Communicates with all workers on a daily basis. Attends training courses and all other programs as required for Noxious Wee d Control certification.

Procedures / Formalities - Follows KSBA guidelines, label requirements, and all manufacturer label requirements. Assists in gathering, classifying and documenting state survey information, noxious weed acres etc. Carefully observes environmental and occupational health safeguards; wars recommended and/or required safety equipment. Provides blood samples if requested and/ or required for Cholinesterase and related chemistry testing.

Other - Performs and assists other personnel with custodial duties of offices, shop and weed building grounds. Performs all maintenance functions and participates in maintenance training. Keeps licenses/certifications current and compliant as required by KSBA. Performs all other related duties as required and/or requested.