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Holiday Resort of Emporia Charge Nurse in Emporia, Kansas

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Position: Charge Nurse

Supervisor: DON, ADON

Essential Tasks:

1. Upon start of shift complete assignment sheets for staff working that shift. Include breaks, meal assignments, weight, labs, appointments for the day and all other shiftily task on the assignment sheet.

2. Attend shift report at the beginning and end of shift. Notify staff assigned to the shift of any information they may need in order to perform their job duties.

3. Obtain and chart all skilled assessments as indicated. Should be in narrative form. Includes reason for skilled stay and full assessment with intervention put in place upon change in condition or abnormal assessment.

4. Obtain assessment and chart on all open charts as indicated.

5. Chart on hospice and comfort care residents as indicated.

6. Monitor Blood Glucose levels per orders.

7. Administer insulin as ordered on physician orders. Ensure LPN/RN has verified the dosage prior to administration.

8. On days the treatment nursing is unable to complete treatments the charge nurse will perform all treatments as ordered by physician when indicated on treatment administration record.

9. Review bath sheets when indicated by bath aides of new or worsening skin issues.

a. Initiate new treatment orders.

b. Notify PCP, DPOA, Administration and DON

c. Start preventative measures when indicated.

10. Process daily orders as they arrive.

a. Ensure all aspects of the order are completed

b. Ensure responsible party and pharmacy gets notified of changes.

c. All shifts must work together to process orders.

d. Night shift is to reconcile orders nightly to make sure adequate services and intervention for resident needs.

11. Monitor pharmacy clip board and address outstanding pharmacy deliveries.

12. Assist family members and residents with concerns in care or questions in regards to resident care.

a. Maintain compliance with HIPPA

13. Verify E-kit information at beginning and end of shift to ensure proper management of emergency medication.

14. Review lab orders, notify physician via fax or telephone of lab results. Process orders pertaining to specifics from physicians.

15. Draw labs as ordered when indicated if lab nurse is unable to obtain or SAT orders are needed.

16. Manage call-ins and assist in finding a replacement in order to meet resident needs.

17. Night shift specific tasks

a. Daily medication reconciliation of orders

b. Record refrigerator temperatures and implement interventions if needed for readings outside range.

c. Make sure wheelchairs are cleaned daily.

d. Nightly round sheets

18. Interpret existing policies and procedures to nursing assistants, residents, families, and physicians.

19. Supervise, observe, and evaluate all direct resident care during job duties and initiate corrective action as necessary, notify DON when necessary.

20. Notify Case Manager of any changes in resident condition to allow for further assessment.

21. Identify safety hazards in the environment and initiate corrective action immediately including proper documentation where necessary.

22. Identify resident problems and emergency situations, and initiate immediate “life saving” measures within scope of practice in the absence of a physician.

23. Provide nursing assistants with direction, guidance and education as necessary and recommend disciplinary action, when necessary, to the DON.

24. Administer and document medications and treatments per the physicians order and accurately record all care provided.

25. Report changes in residents’ conditions to Case Manager, Director of Nursing promptly.

26. Knowledgeably and competently perform basic nursing skills within the parameters of role, licensure, and shift responsibilities (ex. catheterization, enteral feedings etc.).

27. Follow facility discharge/transfer procedure (including complete documentation) and coordinate discharge/transfer with other departments, physicians, and ancillary service providers.

28. Provide direct resident care and give instruction to nursing assistants related to resident care.

29. Listen to resident, family, or physician concerns and initiate corrective action and report concerns to DON.

30. Order meds as necessary

31. Daily notes as indicated by resident needs related to change of condition, behaviors, or required by facility policy.

32. Monitor resident safety and implement interventions when necessary, update care plan for interventions, and notify DON.

33. Review resident lift status and updates as care needs change.

34. Follows dress code, hair, and nail policy.

a. To wear scrubs and/or Holiday Resort t-shirts only, except Fridays are dress down day (jeans, any shirts, etc)

b. NO hooded sweatshirts, NO yoga pants

c. NO artificial nails or chipped nail polish

d. NO facial piercings of any kind