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STATE FIRE MARSHAL Fire Prevention Inspector 200854 in Ellsworth, Kansas

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Within an assigned district of the state, the inspector conducts fire and life safetyinspections of facilities under the jurisdiction of the Kansas Fire Prevention Code.Inspection work is governed by Division Directives which address inspection preparation,types of inspections, inspection protocol, interpretive guidelines, local agency liaison andlimits of authority.

The territory that this position covers will include the following county: Johnson.Residency within the territory is preferred however; this will be reviewed on a case bycase basis.Job Responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:• The Inspector independently plans and schedules travel itineraries to utilizetime and mileage in the most efficient manner. Work is assigned by theTopeka office and by inspection initiative. The Inspector may periodically beassigned to an inspection team conducting inspection at large facilities. Mostinspections are routine in nature; however, special inspections areperiodically conducted to support ongoing enforcement activities orinvestigate complaints. The Inspector utilizes independent judgment inevaluating the facility; however, the judgment is guided by DivisionDirectives.• The Inspector completes documentation substantiating inspection findings.The Kansas Inspection Data System (KIDS) generates most of the necessaryinspection paperwork. The Inspector updates KIDS information. At the closeof the inspection, the inspector provides violation specific citations from avariety of statutory, regulatory or technical code standard sources inaccordance with Division Directives. These citations and conclusions providethe bases for enforcement follow-up.• The Inspector completes paperwork necessary for time accounting, vehicleuse and expense reimbursement in accordance with Division, Agency andState policies and directives. The Inspector participates in periodic stafftraining events and staff conference calls. These training events provide theinspector with increased knowledge of Division Directives, interpretations,operating practices, statutes, rules and regulations or adopted nationalstandards. The Inspector independently studies Division Directives, statutes,rules and regulations and adopted codes and standards to enhanceknowledge and job performance.• The Inspector assists local authorities in fire prevention matters throughparticipation in statewide fire safety organizations and by routinely providinginspection assistance and liaison to individual local fire departments. The Inspector provides liaison to local fire prevention officials on agency policy,inspection techniques and judgment.