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Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital Nuclear Med Tech #1707 in El Dorado, Kansas

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Job Opening #1707

Job CategoryCLINICAL

DepartmentNuclear Medicine

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Description Essential Functions:1. Patient Care: Requires the exercise of judgement to assess and respond to patients needs prior to, during and after visits in the nuclear medicine department.2. Adequately explain the procedure to the patient.3. Checks patient clothing and linen for objects that may cause artifacts in the images.4. Waits appropriate length of time after the administration of a radiopharmaceutical to begin the procedure.5. Maintains an adequate volume of medical/surgical supplies, radiopharmaceuticals and film to insure that a patient procedure may be performed whenever necessary.6. Assists in scheduling patient procedure with timely arrangements.7. Assists in determining the appropriate sequence for multiple procedure requests.8. Maintains appropriate records of patient doses, quality control procedures, patient reports, and other required records.9. Participates in the quality assurance program.10. Requires the evaluation and maintenance of a quality control program for instrumentation to insure is credibility and reliability.11. Technologist evaluates the performance of scintillation cameras by obtaining uniformity images and checking the analog and/or digital recording device (s).12. Maintains the required records for the quality control program.13. Evaluates the performance of NaI (Ti) scintillation probes and well counters.14. Operates survey meters.15. Requires the utilization of an appropriate technique to insure quality diagnostic images and/or laboratory results.16. Performs data collection, processing, and analysis in accordance with established protocols.17. Exercises independent judgement in selecting appropriate images for processing.18. Selects appropriate filtering, frequency cutoffs, and attenuation correction when reconstructing SPECT images.19. Defines regions of interest (ROIs) with reproductive results and correctly applying background subtraction.20. Collects proper specimen for procedures using universal precaution techniques.21. Manages bio-hazardous waste using disposal methods adopted as facility policy.22. Confirms the quality of a radiopharmaceutical in accordance with accepted techniques and official guidelines.23. Records use and/or disposition of all radioactive materials in a permanent record.24. Technologist is responsible for the identification and labeling of all radiopharmaceutical preparations.25. Prepares individual dosages under the direction of an authorized user.26. Follows regulations regarding receipt and disposition of all radionuclides.27. Follows appropriate protection procedures.28. Participates in hospitals annual safety in-service program to instruct other personnel about radiation hazards and principles of radiation safety.29. Performs other duties as assigned.Qualifications:Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:Shall possess knowledge in nuclear medicine, with manipulative skills and abilities to operate essential equipment.Education:High School and successfully completed an approved diagnostic nuclear medicine training program.Experience:May be eligible for employment after successfully completing appropriate training and/or satisfactorily demonstrating his/her abilities at the time of interview.Certification/Licensure:Shall be registered by the ARRT or certified by NMTCB.Code Blue Training:A minimum level of BLS required.Physical Demands:May require constant standing. Requires frequent walking. Requires frequent lifting of 10-20 lbs. Requires occasionally heavy lifting of 55 lbs., above 55 lbs. with assistance. Requires carrying of 25 lbs. frequently, and occasionally carrying 50lbs. Requires occasionally pushing and pulling 100 lbs. Requires occasional twisting, kneeling, bending, reaching, and overhead work. Requires occasional use of step stool and stairs. Requires frequent grasping. Ability to use typewriter, telephone, copier, and fax machine is required. Exposure to communicable diseases and hazardous materials is required. Eye sight and hearing shall be required to be corrected to normal range. Requires working under stressful conditions and/or irregular hours. Eye-hand coordination and finger and manual dexterity are required. Required to work with sharps, magnetic fields, radiation, and body fluids.Working Conditions:Routine exams will be provided/scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. Emergency exam coverage will be provided after normal working hours. This technologist shall remain flexible to fill the needs of the department and to furnish the patients with quality care. Occasional overtime work may be needed. Technologist shall conform to hospital policies and