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Derby Public Schools Lunchroom/Recess Para (Level 1) - 2 hrs/day, Stone Creek in Derby, Kansas

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Lunchroom/Recess Paraprofessional

Job Description:

Purpose: The Lunchroom/Recess Paraprofessional assists the students during lunch and recess. This person must supervise children to ensure a positive safe environment during lunch/recess time to eat and enjoy recess time. To accomplish these tasks, the Lunchroom/Recess Paraprofessional works closely with the staff and administration of Derby Public Schools.

Responsible to: Principal

Salary: Instructional Support Hourly Rate Schedule, Level 1

Classification of Employment: Non-Exempt

Date: January 2021


  1. High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
  2. Desire to continue career improvement.
  3. Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence, and memos.
  4. Ability to write simple correspondence.

Essential Functions:

1. Knowledge, Skill and Abilities

  • a. Assist in supervising the students during lunch and recess.
  • b. Assist in responding to the individual needs of students.
  • c. Communicate effectively with all members of the school district.
  • d. Direct movement of groups to and from lunchroom and playground in a safe and organized manner.
  • e. React to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned.
  • f. Support the value of education.
  • g. Support the philosophy and mission of Derby Public Schools.

2. Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:

  • a. Requires the ability to sit and/or stand for prolonged periods.
  • b. Occasionally requires the ability to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials.
  • c. Occasionally requires the ability to stoop, bend and reach.
  • d. Must be able to work in noisy and crowded environments.
  • e. Must be able to work indoors and outdoors year-round.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in the supervision of students during lunch and recess.
  2. Observe, record and report student behavior.
  3. Use appropriate behavior management techniques to maintain a positive climate
  4. Set high expectations for student behavior.
  5. Communicate, collaborate, and cooperate with colleagues, supervisors and students.
  6. Assist in providing for the special physical needs of students.
  7. Immediately report accidents, assaults, and destruction of property and abusive behavior to the instructor and principal.
  8. Assist in lunchroom clean up.
  9. See that district and building policies are observed during lunch and recess.
  10. Keep abreast of new information, innovative ideas and techniques.
  11. Adhere to all district health and safety policies.
  12. Other duties as assigned by the principal, which are consistent with the general requirements and qualifications of the position.