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Kansas Employer Farmworker Farm, Ranch, Animal in Copeland, Kansas

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Perform any of the following seasonal tasks to attend to sheep: Lambing 750+ ewes, expecting multiple births (twins and some triplets); Feeding and water sheep; Vaccinating ewes and lambs; Filling mineral feeders; Processing/working newborns- recording data, docking, castrating, ear-tagging, dipping navels; Mixing creep feed rations and filling feeders; Cleaning automatic waters; Driving/loading feed wagon; Moving hay bales and filling round bale feeders; Spreading straw bedding for sheep; Moving/setting up panels, pens, gates for lactating group pens of pairs( ewes with their lambs); Maintain lambing barn/pens/loading corrals- cleaning pens with skidsteer loader/hauling manure to storage pile; Welding and repairing panels, gates, pens; Operate Bobcat Skidsteer loader with needed attachments; Weighing/sorting/loading lambs ready for market; Maintaining feed alleys and concrete bunkline after weather events (snow/rain) in order to feed the sheep. Drive to town to pick up feed.

Equipment to be used on Livestock: Magnum Case tractor, Kuhn Knight feed mixer wagon, Bobcat Skidsteer with bucket, Grapple, Hay bale Attachments, 4 wheeler, Mineral feeders, Automatic waterer's, hay rack panels, digital livestock scale, hand-held stock recorder, pitchforks, shovels, brooms, livestock trailer, loading chute, portable panels, electric fence posts, post hole digger, electric fence, splicers, fencing ratchet, post pounder, vaccinating syringes, castrating/docking/ear tagging tools.