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Kansas Department of Commerce Agricultural Equipment Operator in Clyde, Kansas

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Employees will need to operate combines and other equipment to harvest corn, sorghum, triticale and alfalfa. Employees will then need to drive trucks to transport crops to elevator or storage areas and drive heavy trucks to transport equipment between work-sites. Driving a semi-tractor/trailer in the field hauling silage on public roads to feed-yards, storage areas and dairies. Must complete routine maintenance and repairs on equipment/trucks including blowing radiators, air filters, tires, etc. Greasing their truck or trailer on a maintenance schedule.

Family housing not available. Housing will be clean and meet applicable Fed, State and local housing standards. Workers must maintain neat and clean housing. Repair cost of damage, other than normal wear and tear will be deducted from the earnings. Housing/utilities are provided at no cost to workers who are unable to return to their place of residence the same day. If both male and female workers are hired: separate toilet, bathing and sleeping rooms will be provided.

The employer will furnish free and convenient cooking and kitchen facilities and space for food preparation, as well as the necessary equipment, appliances (including refrigeration),cooking accessories, and dish washing facilities (e.g., adequate sinks with hot and cold water under pressure) that are in working condition and will be used by workers to sufficiently prepare three (3) meals a day. Employer will provide transportation to assure workers access to stores where they can purchase groceries

and/or other incidentals.

Employer is a H-2ALC. Employees will be provided with an employer owned vehicle to drive to and from work and to town for errands. Daily transportation schedule will coincide with the work schedule outlined on this application, or as agreed upon between employer and employee based on seasonal demands and/or workload. The vehicle provided will be a 2018 Ford F350 truck that has capacity for 6.