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Kansas Employer Marketing Representative in Clay Center, Kansas

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The purpose of this position is to establish contact with individuals and organizations for the purpose of arranging scheduled meetings and developing relationships with decision-makers that will lead to commitment of referrals to customers in need of our restoration services. Help retain existing customers and referral sources through ongoing phone and in-person contact.


+ Create and maintain sales route records

+ Perform sales calls resulting in scheduled meetings with target referral prospects

+ Gain commitment from customers leading to referrals of those in need of restoration services

+ Complete weekly and monthly sales reports in a timely manner

+ Attend monthly staff meetings

+ Maintain phone and in-person contact with existing customers

+ Maintain customer contact database

+ Make group presentations to prospect organizations

+ Consistent, effective involvement in trade, community, and networking organizations and participate in networking activities and events

+ Must spend at least 40 hours weekly of time out of office in front of referral sources

+ Must make 50 “development calls” weekly. A “development call” is defined as making a personal visit to “buying influence” at a qualified marketing stop. A “buying influence” is defined as a person who can make or influence the purchasing decision of Lamunyon’s services.

+ At least 12 interview appointment will be conducted with a qualified buying influence monthly (sit down lunches).

+ All selling expenses above the established budget must have prior approval by the General Manager.

+ Selling expenses will be considered the following: Travel, lunches, gifts, professional development.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

+ Assist with the development of marketing materials.

+ Help out during a surge or large loss as determined by General Manager. Adopt the attitude “all hands are needed on deck”.

Decision Rights and Authority

+ Spending within approved budget.

+ Plan sales calls, meetings, and presentations and event participation.

Working Relationships and Scope

+ Communication with managers responsible for all company functions to support planning related to capacity and ability to effectively deliver timely quality services to customers.

+ Active involvement in select trade and community associations providing access to customer prospects and collaborating contractors.

+ Work closely with production and General Manager to remain current on active job status and progress in order to keep customers and referral sources updated.

+ Although a salaried employee, this individual will clock in and out every day. Minimum 30-minute lunch is required unless treating a client for lunch

+ Document time clock punches, lunch times, and credit card transactions on daily sales log

+ Company vehicle to be returned to the shop daily

+ No personal business to be conducted while on the clock or while driving company vehicle.

+ Record marketing activity daily and submit daily log to General Manager

+ Send weekly marketing report to General Manager, Office Manager, and President

+ Failure to comply with this Position Agreement may result in disciplinary action or eventual termination

Performance Competencies

+ Relationship Development – Effectively builds professional relationships and networks. Brings value to referral sources and prospects and maintains appropriate level of contact.

+ Integrity – Iron clad. Does not cut corners. Puts the company’s interests above self. Earns trust of co-workers and customers. Intellectually honest.

+ Oral Communication – The individual speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations. Effective in one-on-one, small group situations. Adaptable and able to think on his/her feet.

+ Written Communication – Writes clear, precise, well-organized letters, proposals, and emails. The individual edits work for spelling and grammar and is able to read and interpret written information. Uses appropriate vocabulary and grammar.

+ Planning & Organizing – Plans, organizes, and schedules their time in an efficient and productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.

+ Discipline and Follow-up – Demonstrates a disciplined approach to sales. Strong on follow-up and follow-through. Leverages time effectively to obtain the best return on his/her efforts. Accustomed to working from sales plans and reports.

+ Dependability – The individual is consistently at work and on time, follows instructions, responds to management direction and solicits