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D-J Engineering, Inc. Manufacturing Planner in Augusta, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/jobs/12458503

::: {block="true" editor="4tohu" offset-key="b2jgt-0-0"} ::: {offset-key="b2jgt-0-0"} [We are currently seeking to fill multiple Manufacturing Planner positions. ]{offset-key="b2jgt-0-0"} :::

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  • [Great work ethic and ]{offset-key="b2jgt-0-0"}
  • [Drive to learn new skills within the aerospace industry]{offset-key="b2jgt-0-0"}

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::: {offset-key="bksq8-0-0"} ::: {block="true" editor="4tohu" offset-key="9sd2r-0-0"} - [Create Planning Documents for Detail Parts, Assemblies, and required Tooling based on input from Engineering, Programming, and interrogation of Customer Data.]{offset-key="9sd2r-0-0"} :::

::: {block="true" editor="4tohu" offset-key="5an8a-0-0"} - [Create material PR for Detail Parts, Assemblies, and required Tooling as required.]{offset-key="5an8a-0-0"} :::

::: {block="true" editor="4tohu" offset-key="fscd2-0-0"} - [Create Rework Planning Documents based on NCP rework disposition and Engineering Rework Instructions.]{offset-key="fscd2-0-0"} :::

::: {block="true" editor="4tohu" offset-key="fshe8-0-0"} - [Create / Maintain Change Request Form Database which controls Configuration Management of DJE Planning.]{offset-key="fshe8-0-0"} :::

::: {block="true" editor="4tohu" offset-key="ee761-0-0"} - [Create Pickup Sheets for released planning deviation.]{offset-key="ee761-0-0"} :::

::: {block="true" editor="4tohu" offset-key="8um1v-0-0"} - [Assist Project Engineer on MISC tasks as required.]{offset-key="8um1v-0-0"} ::: ::: :::